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Microblading, also known as Brow Embroidery, has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years! It is a manual method of Semi-Permanent Make-Up, or Micropigmentation where rather than the conventional machine, a handheld tool with a collection of micro-needles is used to deposit organic pigments into the upper dermal layer of skin. Without the vibration of an electric machine spilling pigment under the surface of the skin, ultra-fine 3D strokes are created mimicking real hair which results in a much more realistic and natural brow.

Two treatments are required; an initial consultation and treatment followed by a touch-up appointment 4-6 weeks later. More information can be found regarding what happens at the sessions in FAQs below.

Your eyebrows - individual to you

Lots of people can benefit from Brow Embroidery Microblading, and there are different techniques that can be used to create different looks. This can range from a very subtle enhancement to a more high definition, professional made-up result. I create a brow that is totally bespoke to you.

I have worked with Alopecia sufferers, clients with Thyroid problems who have lost patches of hair, people undergoing chemotherapy and those who just want the convenience of not having to pencil those brows in every day.

Never underestimate though, the power of good brows and the difference they can make to your face. Eyebrows can frame your eyes beautifully, lift the eye area, enhance your natural beauty and can even take years off you.

Please see the gallery below for some examples of my brow embroidery microblading work.

Microblading Prices

Initial consultation and treatment

Touch Up

Required 4-6 weeks following initial treatment to perfect strokes and ensure brows retain pigment.

Add Shading Combination Brows


Annual Top-Up



£25.00 (Per Treatment)


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