What Happens During my Treatment?


Following the completion of the some initial consensual documentation, we will agree on the shape and colour of your new brows.

I will mix a pigment colour from high quality, organic pigments to compliment your skin tone and once you are happy and comfortable, we will begin the procedure.


The whole process will take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. The process is painless as I use a topical anaesthetic through your treatment.



How Long do Results Last?


Depending on your skin type, results last between 18 months and 2 years, although regular touch ups are recommended to keep a crisp, fresh look.



Will it Hurt?


I use a topical anaesthetic that will numb the area and I ensure that you are comfortable before proceeding with the treatment.

I continue to apply this throughout; Some clients report very mild discomfort whilst others say they feel nothing at all and could have fallen asleep!



Is it Safe?


Yes, absolutely. I have been inspected and fully licenced by the local authority. The highest standards of hygiene are met

and organic, dermatologically safe, non-allergenic pigments are used



Will I get Instant Results?


It is important to understand that this is a process and instant results will not be achieved; although the process is VERY worth it!

After the initial treatment, the area may be red and swollen. This will normally subside within a few hours but may take up to 24. The colour will also be 30-50% darker and will fade significantly over the healing period.

It is normal for some loss or unevenness of colour; some clients even report that the pigments seems to have disappeared following the initial treatment. This is because it is difficult to see the pigment through the healing layers of skin. The colour will 'come back' 3-4 weeks following the initial treatment and will be fine tuned at your touch up appointment.

Once healed following the touch up procedure, your brows will be complete! Smudge free, perfect brows!

In some rare cases, a third touch up may be required; this will be charged at half the price of the normal touch up cost.

Who can benefit from Brow Embroidery?


  • People with overplucked, patchy or sparse brows

  • People looking for more shape and definition to the brow

  • Sufferers of alopecia or Men/Women who have lost hair due to chemotherapy

  • People with poor vision/contact lense wearers

  • People looking for a professional, smudge free look everyday